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Open Studios Spring Art Fair

May 15th 10am-6pm and May 16th 11am-5pm at the Twenty Ninth Street Mall in Boulder. 53 Artists from around Colorado will display their work. Many mediums are represented including jewelry by Kelly Davis.

Visit the Clementine Tent and create your own artwork and then come to the OpenArts booth and spin the WHEEL OF FORTUNE!!! Talk to a stilt walker, listen to music and create something magical and temporary on the roving art wall. FUN for the whole family!!!

Creating a home art space for children

The following article is written by Diana Mercer, Clementine Studio Founder, and provided by Clementine Studio, our hands-on, multimedia program that encourages the independent exploration of age appropriate art materials in a nurturing and inspiring environment. For more information, see

Supporting a child’s creativity includes providing a well-stocked space for them to do their thing. When designing an art space for your child, keep these elements in mind: Independence, Organization, and Inspiration.

Independence To encourage your child’s artistic independence, it is important to let go of any expectations for the outcome. For young children, it is the process of creating that is richly developmental. Encourage your child to make choices; the project that lights up their eyes, the materials they fancy, and how the project looks at the end (it’s hard, we know). Arrange art supplies in containers that make the contents visible and accessible to your child. Choose safe and age appropriate materials (child safety scissors, splat mats under the work space. Try interlocking foam floor tiles (from, so that all art time doesn’t require such close supervision. A little space goes a long way in creating an independent artist.

Organization Clean and well-organized spaces let children focus on their ideas and provide a sense of calm and order to the project at hand. This is not to say that the space won’t get messy, but your art area will be easier for you and your child to maintain when everything has a proper place. Also, art disasters like spilled paint and glue are less likely.

1. Put your child’s art up on the wall (We love a steel cable and clip system).
2. Choose clear jars for organizing materials by category (markers, crayons, paint, collage materials). We love the ‘candy store’ look.
3. Tape a photograph or drawing on the shelf of the item that goes in that spot. Even your young child can return items to their proper place.

Inspiration Creating an art area that is easy, manageable, and pretty is easy if you keep inspiration (for yourself AND your child) in mind. Choose colors that you both love for the walls and furniture, find beautiful, simple and natural materials, and remember to keep open spaces that will make room for new ideas. You won’t want to wait to start creating!

Call for Entry: 10th Annual High Peaks Art Festival

The 10th Annual High Peaks Art Festival will be held in Nederland on June 26-27. The show features a juried art fair, live music and – new this year – Clementine Studio™, with fun and creative art projects for kids. Clementine Studio™ is a full-time, art enrichment program for children and adults located at 2590 31st Street in Boulder, CO and is administered by Open Arts.

Booth fee is $160, no commission.

Deadline is April 1st. To receive an application contact Festival Coordinator Cathy Stiers:, 303- 748-2053.

Spring cleaning? Clementine Studio needs supplies!

The following items would be greatly appreciated at Clementine Studio. You can just drop them off at any time (leave them on the front entrance after hours) at 2590 31st Street in the Steelyards, just off 30th Street between Mapleton and Valmont Streets in Boulder. Thank you! All supplies will be used for children’s art classes and art workshops.

Fabric, Ribbon
Buttons, Dowels
Old scarves, Velcro
Small bits & pieces of wood or clothes pins to create chess pieces
Old game pieces
Rigid wrap, Gauze
Jewels or old costume jewelry or pins

Spring art classes & workshops now open for registration at Clementine Studio

Check out all the wonderful new art classes for kids in Boulder:

    Sunday Art Play
    Imagine & Create for Tots & Young Artists (3-5 year olds)
    Moms or Pops & Tots (20 months-3 year olds)
    Young Artist Studio Sampler/Old World Masters
    Miniature Madness
    Pulp Fixins
    Cityscapes & Country Views

Art Workshops for Children:

    Down the Rabbit Hole: Spring Break Camp
    Wild Wire Art
    Dream Weaving
    Mother’s Day Gift Making Workshop
    May Daze Celebration

Don’t forget about Clementine Studio’s Spring and Summer Art Camps!
Check out the details: