Christopher Brown Exhibit April 7 – June 8, 2011

The Highland City Club Gallery is pleased to present:

Soft Rocks ~ Hard Water

The Photography of Christopher Brown

April 7 – June 8, 2011


I hope you will join me and Liz Relin this coming Thursday afternoon at the Highland Gallery.

A large part of what makes the Highland Gallery so rewarding is conceptualizing the exhibits we hang as a synergistic whole.  By that I mean the exhibit in the Highland City Club space, as an entity, becomes more than sum of the individual photographs that are hanging.  To that end, Chris Brown has spent much time selecting these images and they do indeed add up to a striking exhibit!  These images are about the geographical and metaphorical relationship between rocks and water that shape the Western landscape. This is the 20th show in the Highland Photography Series.

Marty Sugg, assistant to the Director, Highland Gallery


Thursday, April 7 5:00 to 7 pm –Note that this is a Thursday evening!!

Highland City Club Gallery
885 Arapahoe St.
Boulder, CO


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