Holiday Art Extravaganza

For one day only… December 4th from 10am to 7pm, Art Movement Colorado is hosting a “Holiday Art Extravaganza” at the Walnut Loft Project.  Prices like you have not seen before on gorgeous paintings, sculpture and ceramics will be available to you on that day only!

Enjoy delicious baklava and drinks at Arabesque Restaurant across the street.

Be the first to view work by:
Michael Banks | Carole Barnes | Amy Clay | Kelly Degnan | Cecelia Feld | Susan Eriksson | Jane Hunt | Michael Kessler | Linda Lowry | Donna Mayo | Jim Pittman  | The Estate of Tim Leifield | Robert Striffolino | Nancy Utterback | Nyla Whitmore | Rob Williams | Elizabeth Wonnacott

Contact Information:

Susan Knickle         303-847-6118
Trudi Horowitz   303-594-6594


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