A Few Words About Our Sponsors

Hello Art lovers,

Julie here, and I would really like to bring your attention to one of several sponsors of OpenArts- the Scientific & Cultural Facilities District or the SCFD. Since 1989, the SCFD has distributed funds to hundreds of organizations in 7 counties, including the Denver Art Museum and the Botanic Gardens. By Colorado law, the organization’s primary purpose is to “provide for the enlightenment and entertainment of the public through the production, presentation, exhibition, advancement or preservation of art, music, theater, dance, zoology, botany, natural history or cultural history.” The sales and use tax is 0.1%, meaning that for every ten dollars you spend, 1 cent goes to the SCFD to help fund organizations like OpenArts!

         In 2009, the SCFD distributed 37.3 million dollars to aid various groups and organizations and helped uphold Free Days at some of your favorite museums. Your tax dollars are working to help the cultural development of Colorado, so please take advantage of the various opportunities that come up throughout the year! SCFD has been a major funder of OpenArts since the inception of the funding program, and has helped many other local organizations in the Denver area. In order for organizations like OpenArts to keep providing the incredible opportunities for the Boulder community, community support is crucial as well!

To learn more about the SCFD please visit their webiste at http://www.scfd.org/

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