NEW Adult Classes at OpenArts

We are excited to announce that OpenArts and Clementine Studios have recently added teen and adult classes!  These classes are for teens sixteen and up and adults ranging from inexperienced people who want to take a class to learn more, to very experienced.  The classes began October 25th and run until early December, you can no longer sign up for this session, but a new one will begin in January.  Classes are taught at Clementine Studios at the new facility at 2775 Valmont Road.  They are taught by various artists, including, Alix Christian, Jason McPhillips, and Susan Albers.  Each class ranges in techniques and mediums used, from plexiglass to sponges to bees wax. 

To receive an email of when our new class schedule will be posted join our mailing list at, if you have any questions email us at or call 303.444.1862.

Additional art classes offered by OpenArts artists are another great way to show your creative side.  These classes can range from private lessons to semi-private lessons to group lessons.  All six artists have participated in OpenStudios for many years and love to teach art and help others develop their skills.  Each artist specializes in a different style of art so pick the one that interests you the most!  Many of the artists are conveniently located in Boulder, so check out this website and check out the artists! 

Clementine Studios Website:


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