Inspiration from traveling

Where the hell is Matt? Ever heard of it? It’s a video I became aware of after a friend emailed me the link to the YouTube video  It’s literally a video of a guy named Matt doing the same nerdy dance in different countries around the world.  I found myself watching the whole video as Matt and the native people danced in front of famous landmarks.  Each country Matt dances in has unique landmarks and geographic features that make it distinct.  I’m not sure if Matt’s videos are a hoax or not, but this entertaining clip got me thinking about travel and its influence on art.  It made me think about all the different cultures in the world and how they have influenced art over time. 

            I am a big believer that travel opens up your eyes and broadens your perspectives.  Although I am nowhere near Matt’s impressive list of countries he’s visited, I recently traveled to Italy and Greece.  While there I was lucky enough to see amazing sunsets over the Mediterranean like nothing I have ever seen in Colorado.  The buildings on the Greek island of Santorini with white houses and blue roof tops in the foreground and the pink, purple and blue swirled sky in the back were hard to not stare at.  Just these settings themselves are enough to inspire people and have inspired people for thousands of years to capture their beauty on paper.

            Even living in Boulder, Colorado, where OpenArts is located, beautiful scenery is all around, from the Flatirons, to the campus of CU.  Colorado is known for its majestic mountains and many artists draw their inspiration from them.  One Open Studios artist who currently resides in Boulder who uses traveling to inspire his work is Jason McPhillips.

 “In September of 2003, in search of inspiration and solitude I embarked on a self-financed, five-month landscape painting expedition through the United States. Painting daily in plein air, I traversed twenty-five states. I encountered firsthand the effects of light found in different regions and observed how the crystalline qualities of air at high elevations along the continental divide compared to the murky humidity of the deep south.”

            I wonder how traveling, whether inside the United States or to countries around the world affects a person’s art?  I wonder what impact does this have on artists and do they incorporate some of the architecture, colors, designs, landmarks, monuments and culture into their art?  Tell us how traveling has influenced your art!  What art have you seen that shows this sort of inspiration?


Bloggers Choice Artist: 

The Storm Passes, The Sun Sets
The Storm Passes, The Sun Sets

Jason McPhillips- Studio #077

“My goal is to create a statement both physical and ethereal, of heaven and earth. At its best my work carries a simple and universal message:
“I was here once, I laughed and I cried, and what I saw was beautiful”

Jason’s Website:


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