Hello again!

I introduced myself and my connection with art in the last blog post, so in this one I would like to talk about my experience with OpenStudios. Although the festivities happened two weeks ago, my impressions moved me so much that I simply have to share them! Better late than never, right?

So on a cold Saturday afternoon (October 9th to be precise) I decided to venture over to a few of the studios opened to the public by the OpenArts artists.  I picked from the map two of the names which I saw used oil as a medium and wrapping myself up in my sweater, excitedly drove over to the indicated location.  I had no idea what to expect, and admittedly felt star struck stepping into the courtyard which was lined with artwork. The said courtyard was party to two incredible studios- those of Millan Bjerstedt Cameron, and Sandra Bierman.

I ran into Bjerstedt Cameron first, and shyly asked her if she was the artist. Immediately putting me at ease she explained she was. She told me she grew up in Sweden and that with an artist-father and a pianist-mother, becoming an artist herself was not that surprising. She explained that she painted memories, scenes from her childhood, her family, and that even though she left Sweden at twenty she still visits it every year.  Her art was warm and inviting, and I was easily pulled into her memoirs on and off the canvas.

Stepping inside the next studio, I made the acquaintance of Sandra Bierman. She told her moving story, saying that her art is reflective of her childhood in New York and that she paints from her imagination, with no models.  She talked about her work in Santa Fe and the attention that comes with being an artist. Her art is incredible, with a mix of the unusual subjects and scenarios she uses.  Bierman loves to create her own light sources, which aid to indicate to the viewer the essence of the work.

Needless to say, I left awestruck, inspired, and excited knowing that these two incredible women gave the time of day to talk to me.  The pieces attached below are just a part of the incredible body of work both of these women produced.

Millan Bjerstedt Cameron

Sandra Bierman


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