Art is Home

Hello art lovers! 

Slowly but surely we are revealing our posting identities. You’ve already met Clare and now I will introduce myself.  My name is Julie and I am a senior at CU Boulder, majoring in International Affairs.  I thought that blogging for OpenArts was an incredible opportunity as soon as we heard our assignment and could not be more excited about it! I’ve loved art ever since I was a little girl because of the place it had in my family. My great-grandfather was an artist and we always had his works on every wall of our house.  My grandmother loved to talk about his love and passion for it, which for some was hard to understand, as communist Russia was not exactly welcoming to artists at the time, unless they focused on “Social Realism”.  My grandma has protected her father’s works religiously and preserved them for my mom and me. As I grew up in a broken country with a broken economy in the 90’s and money was tight for everybody, my family fiercely held on to those things that defined us and Russian culture- like theater and art. The weekends spent with my mom at galleries are among some of the most treasured memories from my childhood and have led me to truly develop an emotional connection with art, especially the avant-garde.

Working with OpenArts, and after going to OpenStudios I feel I have gotten an opportunity to relive a dormant passion. The artists I talked with connected me with my childhood and I think others can reconnect with their passions like I did, or discover something thrilling and new through OpenArts! 


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