Unorthodox Art

Hello everyone my name is Devin and I am a senior economics major at the University of Colorado. Working with OpenArts has brought to my attention the fact that I am not exactly artistically inclined in the conventional sense. No exquisite paintings or fancy tapestries for me. No sir. House needs painting? Boat needs detailing? Need a dent pulled out of your vehicle? If something needs a little sprucing up, you know, a little TLC, I’m the guy to talk to.   I’d like to think of myself as a practical aesthetic artist. The great thing about art is that it is open to everyone.  I love to play guitar and record my music which, to me, is an art form all in itself. Every single note in a song is an integral part of the recording and must be recorded and adjusted accordingly to get that desired audible sound. In a similar fashion, every single brush stroke in a painting must be methodically placed on the canvas to create the desired illusion. Different notes are equivalent to different colors. Everyone on earth can be creative. How do you get your art on?

Blogger’s Choice Artist of the Day:

Brian Grossman

OpenArts Studio #002

 Brian Grossman is a local Boulder sculptor who creates his timeless masterpieces out of alabaster and brass. In 1984 Brian was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which Brian credits as “a gift” that has created opportunities for personal growth and artistic development. Brian also offers private sculpture tutoring classes.


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