Art is a beautiful thing

Now that we have updated you on Open Studios I decided it’s time to really introduce ourselves and our experience with art.  We are students at CU who got this wonderful opportunity to blog for OpenArts, while learning more about the art world.  We plan to share our experiences with art through our different perspectives and hope you will share yours too!

My name is Clare and I am a junior at CU studying Business Marketing.  Art has been a part of my life in some form or another since I was very little.  I loved to draw and do arts and crafts since I was just a toddler.  Art has developed for me as I have gotten older.  From making stick drawings, to making macaroni jewelry, to making birthday cards for my mom and dad, to taking pictures and occasionally scrapbooking.  In my opinion, art can come in many forms, even interior design and architecture can be art.  As a young girl throughout high school my dream job was to be an interior designer, to work with color schemes and designs.  

My room I decorated

Although this has changed from a career goal to a hobby, I still love to decorate and feel creative.  It is almost something I crave; every once in awhile something comes over me that makes me feel as though I need to express myself artistically.  This usually consists of me making a homemade card with all the scrapbooking, sewing and arts supplies my mom has in a box in the basement.  I feel as though this desire to be creative is just a sample of what artists feel like when they get their inspiration to create something.  It is their form of expression and their passion.  Art is so amazing because it truly is in our everyday lives, but something so simple can make you stop and think about its beauty.

I love that Open Arts is a non-profit organization trying to bring art into the community.  They are allowing both artists to have a means through which people can see their art and also allowing people like me, a student, to explore the many ways art can bring beauty into my world.

Make sure you check back for more information on my experience with art and OpenArts and for the other CU students who will be sharing their experiences!  Tell us about how art has inspired you or has played a role in your life! 

Blogger’s Choice Artist of the Day:

Anna Holland

Studio #065

“Anna Holland designs unique ethnic jewelry and tribal jewelry using contemporary, antique, and ancient beads and artifacts. Her handcrafted necklaces, bracelets, and rings are all one-of-a-kind treasures, collected and worn by women and men around the world.”


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