Our Story

So as all of us at OpenArts are bustling with excitement for OpenStudios, it might be a good time to remind all fellow Boulderites and art lovers about what OpenArts is and what it does. For example, did you know that we include over 125 artists all of whom have been selected by jury? Or that our artists work with mediums from oil paint to wood and fiber art?

OpenStudios was the event founded in 1995 by Gary Zeff who wanted to give the public a way to interact with artists in their creative spaces, and to bring arts awareness to the community at large. OpenStudios grew rapidly and on January 1, 2010 the nonprofit was renamed OpenArts. Why? Because OpenStudios had grown larger, bigger, including other events like the Spring Art Fair, as well as Clementine studios and is now the umbrella organization that you see as OpenArts today.

But wait, there’s more! Clementine Studios has just moved to a newer, bigger and better location- 2775 Valmont! Bring the little ones to discover their inner artist, or take some classes yourself at Clementine, a full-time art enrichment program for children and adults. Explore your creativity, give us a call at 303.443.2520 or visit our website openartsclementine.org.

            So you see, OpenStudios is just one of the multiple events hosted by OpenArts, so please keep checking back to see what exciting new events are coming up during the year, and remember we can always use your support, whether it is donating art materials to Clementine or simply visiting our gallery!

Blogger’s Choice Artist of the Day:

Theresa Haberkorn

Open Arts Studio #056   

"Swatting Butterflies Away From My Stomach"


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