Annual Flagstaff Star Holiday Card Contest!! Will you enter?? Will you WIN???

The Annual Flagstaff Star Holiday Card Each year local artists are offered the opportunity to paint a scene that features the Flagstaff Mountain Star, which traditionally lights up the sky from the weekend after Thanksgiving through New Years. The chosen painting is then made into holiday cards by Leanin Tree that are sold throughout the Boulder community. The sale of the Flagstaff Star Holiday Card Project began as a fundraiser to help with the costs associated with the maintenance and upkeep of the star and will be in its 9th year. The chosen artist is highlighted in a press release as well as on the card and will receive some of the cards to distribute to their own circle of friends and acquaintances. The artist also has the opportunity to host a small reception featuring the piece of art. Specifics: Size of painting: 25% larger than the card size of 5”x7” with ¼ to ½ inch bleed on the edges. The scanner is 12×17 Deadline to submit paintings: July 16th to the Boulder Chamber. A committee will review the paintings and determine the winner. The painting will then be sent to Leanin Tree to be photographed for the holiday Star Cards.Contact Jan Berg at the Boulder Chamber at 303-786-8076 or


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