Recycled materials needed for Clementine art classes

I have a favor to ask of all of you. Open Studios, now called OpenArts, owns a wonderful children’s art school called the Clementine Studio. At the school we are dedicated to using as many recyclable materials as possible. I am reaching out to my friends in an effort to increase our supply of these materials. Below is a wish list for the school to prompt you as you look around your home for anything the kids can get creative with.

As you gather, I am happy to come pick up what you’ve found or you can bring them over to Clementine which is located in the little yellow school house in the middle of the Steel Yards development on 30th St. in Boulder.

I really appreciate your help in this effort, it is such a joy to see what the kids have created with those things we would toss, stow or recycle.

Lots of Love to you all – Jane Saltzman, Executive Director

Materials Wish List for Clementine Studio
Electric skillet/griddle
Hot plate
Hot air popcorn popper
Apple corer
Salad spinners
Muffin tins
Wood scraps & pieces
Tiles, mosaic materials
Butcher paper
Baby food jars
Puzzle pieces
Old game pieces
Cigar boxes
Sea shells
Decorative stones, glass or marbles
Matt board
Old children’s books, picture books or maps
Decorative paper
Plastic containers or tubs
toilet paper rolls
paper towel rolls
egg cartons (paper)
memory chips from computers
thread spools
old crayons
wine corks


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