Letter to artists about Social Media

Hello artists,

I sincerely want to thank you all so much for coming out to the Open Studios meeting yesterday and more so for being so engaged and present during the talk I gave on Social Media.  It is truly a very new – very dynamic – and very necessary boom right now in communication & marketing.

Nothing makes me more excited than working with individuals and small businesses to grow and literally find NEW potential customers out there.

I have been doing a lot of downloading myself after the talk, and trying to think like an artist :J  Perhaps getting small groups together or one-on-one’s will really be a great way to begin and strategize.   For instance, I have visions of getting Boulder on the radar of the New York Times Art twitter page – and having their followers (art buyers – right!!!) follow you all.

I also want to let you know…a great place to begin and learn  more on your own is simply by going to something like twitter.com – they have a video there on how to use twitter – or type it in YouTube and learn how to do many of the action items I spoke of yesterday at your leisure.

My final thought is something I wanted to share with you, that some one from the meeting mentioned to me after, in so many words:

We do really need to think of this social media marketing for ourselves as they new way of saying: you can call me, write to me, fax me …..to now….you can fan me on facebook, follow me on twitter or visit my website!  A beautifully simple and true analogy of where we are today that will hopefully alleviate some of the anxiety to beginning.

So, you are the group who did leave your emails with me.  If you’d like to meet for a coffee for 1/2 hour sometime or just email me … I’d love to see the online presence you currently have (a website, more?), hear more about the current marketing efforts you have been making, hear about your customers/sales and hear …what it is you’d like to try and embark on as your next steps.

Here is link to my website – PeaceLoveLuxe.com – it is my ‘fun blog’ – simply click on this link and it will take you directly to my consulting page Lady Luxe Inc – where you can read the article I wrote on Social Media (which really follows the scheme of what I spoke about yesterday) from GCI magazine (it is written for Beauty Brands – however you can related it to your business) – as well as my little bio so perhaps you can understand a little more about what I do.  You can also click on the buttons on the upper right side of my site to follow me on twitter or fan me on facebook!



Heather Smith

p. 303. 775. 2461
t. @peaceloveluxe


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